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House-call |

Benefits of a home visit:

Convenient: You don’t have to travel and waste time on the road or in a waiting room.

Less stress: A lot of animals (especially cats) do not like to travel by car, the journey and visit to the veterinary office with unknown smells and unpleasant memories are often very stressful for them.

Logistics: If you are without a car or own several animals or a large dog, moving them is not always easy.

Safe: The risk of infection for young animals who have not yet completed their primary vaccination is lower at home in their usual environment than in a waiting room with other sick animals.

Home visits and consultation of the animal in its usual environment can allow a better appreciation of the seriousness of its condition as the animal feels at ease and is not under adrenaline because of the transport or clinical environment.

It is much easier to give behavioural and psychological advice by observing the animal at home, as one can better appreciate the environmental and social factors of the animal.

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